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Our lawyers sponsor and have sponsored large and complex cases in Ecuador and the world. Even their legal positions have been the basis for the generation of jurisprudence.

We have successfully participated in complex negotiation processes that concluded in agreements, avoiding our clients' long and complicated trials, such as in the succession of the master Oswaldo Guayasamín, where our partners sponsored a group of heirs.

Our dispute resolution practice covers civil, inheritance, tax, administrative litigation, human rights, constitutional, criminal and specialized sub-areas.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

We represent clients in international and domestic arbitration proceedings. Several partners in our firm are distinguished arbitrators. Practice includes investment arbitration, international trade and commercial disputes.

Any matter that can be settled can be the subject of an agreement between the parties. Quevedo & Ponce has expert mediators. The practice includes successful mediation in commercial matters, family law, children and adolescents, inheritance, and inheritance matters, among others.

Not all legal matters can be resolved through litigation. That is why we have lawyers who are experts in negotiation, to save our clients time and money, to preserve business relationships, or to improve them.

Dispute Board Resolution

The construction business and other large projects require very agile dispute-resolution mechanisms that allow the continuity of the project while the solution is found. This is the hierarchy of Dispute Board Resolution, which is now part of the range of existing alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

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