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Galo Terán Varela


Corporate Law

Temporary Licensed Attorney

His professional practice has been focused on business law. Therefore, he has experience in all corporate aspects, including mergers and acquisitions, finance, cooperative law, tax law, customs law, and international trade. Additionally, like most other partners in the firm, he has also practiced in intellectual property and administrative law.

He believes that in corporate work, it is essential to thoroughly understand the clients’ businesses, as only under such a premise can advice be provided to meet the clients’ needs.

He has been a professor of Tax and Customs Legislation at the School of Foreign Trade at the State Polytechnic University of Carchi.

A lawyer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, he has studied Private Financial Law at the Andean University Simón Bolívar and is currently enrolled in the postgraduate program in Procedural Law at the same University.

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